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Available Adults

For the first time ever we have some adult dogs we would like to re-home. They have been very loved here but we will not be able to use them in our breeding program due to some genetic traits. 

As you can imagine, there have been lots of tears from all of us with this decision.  It really breaks our hearts to see them go. We are looking for families that will love them and treat them the very best. 

*IF you have any question or are interested in any of these amazing females, please let us know! 

Echo Jane is the sweestest young lady. She will be 3 years old in June (the Golden age!) She is very well behaved and lives to please us. Her smile is worth a million bucks! We're not able to breed her with Canyon and so we would like to find her a loving home with doting parents! 


Canela Miel is amazing. Seriously. This one breaks my heart to the core. She just turned 4 and is an incredible dog. We aren't able to breed her with Canyon and it just makes sense to find her an amazing home. If you have an amazing home to offer- please let us know! 

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